Saturday, November 14, 2009

Note from a friend

Thanks for this very nice piece.

Anisa Sufia

ps: You gotta read this tell the end. Im serious. now, goo! and I cant tag ever single one from our batch. Siapa tak kena, sangat sorry.

And with this, I wanna add some more. :)

Tomorrow is the last day of school for all the Fom 5 in CBN.

Do you remember the same day three years back? We're 20 this year, and 3 years back on the same day. We salam all the teachers, minta ampun with them, hugged them even for some you did kissed them on the cheek. Do you remember that day? The very last day of school?

I was reading one of my junior's blog and she did mention about this, cause she'll be doing the same thing tomorrow.

We used to think it was a little bit of ridiculous for all these. We used to laugh at our senior when they cried till their uniform got wet. And when its our turn, we cried so much even after the salam in the hall. Remember it now?

We did continue crying in the class, and start to hug each other. At that moment we realised that no one can ever replaced them, no one. Im serious, no one. Even if we died and we have the chance to born to be a new person. No one can ever replace the friends we've been together with in highschool.

Remember when we celebrated our Hari Membina Azam, we write our new azam every year for that five years in the Buku Perancang Peribadi, yes, that light blue book when we are supposed to write our homework in it? But, seldom of us ever did that actually. We toldl stories infront of the class and the class teacher gave us the bookmark with words and advices. Remember? Whether you want to admit it or not, we do get excited with those bookmarks. And my bookmarks are still save with me till this very day, what about yours? And after all the ceramahs, we'll stand and sing songs. Seribu Impian, Jika Kau Fikirkan Kau Boleh, Hero, what else? That were my favourite songs though. :) And the last year, when we were in Form 5. For once, we find our gang and we sang together with them, hugging them still. And then, everyone starts to cry. cause we know we will never ever celebrate Hari Membina Azam anymore.

Oowh, the Teachers Day, Hari Merdeka and even our one and only Everybodys Day. We had to sit in that small hall of ours for hours, till we can hardly feel our own butt. Yes, that long hours due to the speeches, the super duper long one from a few people? Remember? And the only reason we went for these days were because of the performances we wanted to see, eventhough to think about it. It wasnt that super good performances though. And Everybodys Day was the day we all wanted so much to go, the Miss Evrybody competition. The sometimes nonsence performance they put up, just to make us laugh? And the typical Teachers Day, the perasmian will be the prefects bringing the cake to Mrs George and she with the Penolong Kanans will cut the cake. But we students never ever had the chance to eat the cake. Noticed? And yes, the monitor will be wearing the traditional costume to be on stage and will give the Pineapple in can to thye teachers. Pineapple = Nanas = Bukit Nanas = CBN! Thats what one of the teachers told me once.

Remember those time we had to stand in the hot sun when we were in Form 1 for the Sports Day? Since it was and still is a must for the Form 1 to join marching for our house. Aidan, Xavier, Pauline and Adele. We grumbled so much about marching and now, we missed all those. We had to come early just for the marching, and we had to do so many push ups and all those dendas our seniors made. And it was all worth it, because our year Aidan won the marching competition. Even if we didnt win, we still treasured those moments.

And those time, for our photograpy session. The hair was neat, and the toilet was full. Just to make sure we will look good in the Margurite as everyone will be looking at it.We were so excited for the photography session cause normally thats when we can skipped classes cause the teachers were busy. Right?

Oowh I still remember when I was in 1N, 2N and 3N. We used to get the tittle every month. Remember? The worst class, the dirtiest class and even the most undicipline class. It was a must for us to get any of these 3 awards every month. Best still when we did received all three at one shot! And we had to do the duty after each perhimpunan. Kutip sampah, cuci tandas and so forth. Well, part of it. I believe we were happy cause we get to go in to the class late!

4K and 5K was different story. This class was definitely way different compared to the N class. Much baik in the diciplin matter, never get any awards like how N did. Yes, never.The drama competition was so hectic. Thank God we never did enter finals, although we wanted it so much at that time. Even then I had my own drama because of the form 4 drama. Still clear in my mind, at everytime I ever think about it, I'll laugh.

You played such a big role when I was in secondary school. 5 years we've been together in the same class same school and same recess time.

Oowh, Uncle Christopher's porridge was the best. Not to mention the expensive Yong Tau Foo as well. 3 pices for RM1? And you still feel hungry after that. And Pak Cik Yusuf's meehoon soup or even the Nasi Lemak. We had to rush out from the class soon after the bell rang, just to be the first to buy all the food. And we had to sit at our own class tables. Cause during the perhimpunan, the prefects will called up the class which has the dirty tables. And yes, denda mesti ada.

Entered Form 4, our recess were different. Remember our gang ate at the Tennis Court instead. From the only group ate there, end up, a few other groups joined the club as well. And we get annoyed with them fro they being so sibuk wanna follow us to sit at the Tennis Court as well.

Before PJK, we dont even have to go to the toilet to change simply becase we are all girls! Even some, that is the day when they can show their new bra. ;p

Speaking about bra, you are only allow to wear white and coloured skin bra. You can never waer any other colours cause you'll get offence! Trust me, because of that specific rules of CBN, till now I never get used of wearing coloured bras! Trauma. ;p Seriously. Well, Im starting to now. Heh.

Too many rules of CBN. You can tie your hair only with black or white band. And if you tied your hair using black you can only wear black hair clips, same goes to white. If not, OFFENCE!

Remember when you have to go out at the specific doors for each class? And you have to use the specific pathways as well to go into your class. And we have sooooo many doors at our hall okay! No, you can only used the front and the back doors.

Pink dorm and Nazareth were used to be 'haunted'. No one ever dare to go there. people telling us so many stories and ofcourse we will spread the stories. And guess what, during our time no one dare to go there. Now? there are even classes inside there. ;p

High school, I used to take things for granted. I never captured that much pictures I must say. I used to think it aint important. And now, I missed high school so much and I regret for not having that much pictures captured with every single one of you. The only thing I have is the memories, and it is still in my mind.

I miss you, I miss high school, I even miss the teachers.

The very strict Miss Winnie who will make us stand outside of the lab just because we were 5 minutes late. And the suddenly pop quiz she made after we wished her! Everyone, as usual, looked at each other cause no one wants pop quiz.
The very cool Mr Hoo who normally talked alone cause we as usual were doing our own work at the back. He did called out our names, but no one cares. And the name he called aint our real name.
The super loud voice of Puan Haida who can make us awake eventhough we were so sleepy in the class. She can make us wide awake with just her voice. Two labs away, and we can still hear her voice.
The soft Puan Lim who teaches us add maths in 4K.
The one who love to tell us stories especially about tradisi Melayu, Datin Aslindawati. Remember she loves to tell us bout sajak, bout how they used to live back then. Yea, thats her.
The teacher who never failed giving us homework Puan Sumathi, who always wear punjabi suits every single day. Syazween and I always wonder how she keep her punjabi suits in her closet.
The very very very very soft add maths teacher which I forgot her name, I am sorry, and we had a new add maths teacher Madam Lim who is so cute with her specs on and her skirts.
Puan Nadiah in afternoon session who teach us Bahasa Malaysia and she thought my mother is my sister!
The super loud Puan Rosni when we were in Form 1, who loves to talk about self cleanliness. Remember?
The super active in sport, our one and only Miss Ooi. Who else in CBN who teach us PJK if it wasnt for her and the other Malay teacher. And again, I am truly sorry. I forgot her name. The netball teacher who passed away due to her health conditions.
Our three years Agama teacher, Puan Che Zaiton.
The super cute Puan Che Siah who teaches us Agama in Form 4.
And not to forget the super funny and adorable Puan Ros Abza. I believe every single one in school loves her! Who doesnt?
Our one and only Dicipline teacher, Puan Siva. Whether we like it or not, she's the best dicipline teacher ever. Kan?
The motherly Mrs George, our headmistress. Who wear saree everyday. I have no idea what time she needs to wake up just to tie her saree. Maybe she's expert in it.
Ooowh oowh, the seriously super garang Puan Hazlina! Remember she threw someone's book back in Form 1? And we made her cried in our class? God! Now I feel so guilty. Seriously, she is much nicer now. Trust me!
Puan Nordiah, our Seni teacher. Remember? I still remember, she complained to my mother about me failed in her Seni.
And yes, definitely Puan Chan. Shieda was her 'daughter' back then. ;)
Puan Gan, who always being so excited in teaching Maths as always.
Our lovable Sejarah teacher, Puan Norhasifah. Remember her? She always talk bout the cheer girls in class. And always gossip bout people. ;)

Too many teachers for me to list down, still these bring you back to our high school right?

And yes, without this one person, high school is a little bit boring. PAK DIN THE PAK GUARD! Remember him? He'll be walking around the school, for checking? God knows, its his hob. But, he was such a little bit of busy body. Dont you think? Yea, till now.

And yes, like Aida mention. Half an hour before school ends, the toilet will be packed with us! To touch up, here and there. Simply because you'll pass by St John after that. Or if not, yes. You'll be meeting your someone somewhere without your parents knowing. ;)

I miss you all too much that no one can ever describe all these. 5 years of together in school, and now we're still friends. Trust me, I always pray that this friendship will never ever die. Cause I love you so so much that I can never think of if we ever seperated.

Make a promise to me, for us to be friends forever no matter what. We will still be together even when we have grandkids! I love you sooooo much!

As Puan Siva always said, once a CBNer always a CBNer. Wait! Was it Mrs George or Puan Siva?

In case you cant sense me, I am crying while typing all these. And I am still crying now. Oowh, I miss you. *hugs.

My sentence may sounds weird, and there may be lots of grammar mistakes. I dont care, I dont want to fix it. Let it be something original. If Im writing this on a paper, the paper is wet because of my tears!

** I've been tagged at facebook. This note make me miss high school even more. It brings back the memories. There were a lot of emotions come at once when I read this note. too much happened in high school yet it's definitely the best time in my life. How I wish I could turn back to the time and be the high school girl again. 1w 2w 3w 4k 5k. I miss all the people in those classes. I had so much fun while I was in CBN. Join marching for my school house XAVIER when I was in form 1. Become a school hockey player. training under the hot sun for the up coming tournament till my face get burned. but its all worth it with all the medals I got. perform at cheer competition 2003. become part of the senior prefectorial 05/06. too many moments to be mentioned. I miss CBN. I miss you guys. All the happy and sad moment I've been through when I was there. I will cherish all the moments all the days of my life..


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  4. wow! i was in 3N, 4K n 5K.. but 1W n 2W..

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